Wheelchair Ethics

Wheelchair Ethics

Wheelchair Ethics

I write regularly about business ethics and when you read the horrible things that one international corporation or another has done each week, (sometimes each day), you get depressed about the fate of human kind but sometimes they get it right.

And here is an example. Perhaps, this should have been done earlier. Perhaps, it could have been done better. But it is being done.

Here is another step, a good step, in the acceptance of the disabled as full participants in society. Please read – (Full article)

Lego is releasing a new toy collection featuring a mini-figure in a wheelchair set for release later this year, a company executive told ABC News today.

Photos of the Lego character in a wheelchair emerged online from the Nuremberg toy fair in Germany and the London Toy Fair in the U.K. this week, and took the Internet by storm.

The Danish toy giant has created the Lego “City” set, which “features a mini-figure scale wheelchair,” Michael McNally, senior director of brand relations for Lego, told ABC News. “It will be available starting in June.”

Perhaps, I will try more often to highlight businesses who succeed in by performing ethically and morally?

James Pilant