Mozzarella without Mozzarella?

Mozzarella without Mozzarella?

Please read the following excerpt from a Salon article entitled: The only thing missing from McDonald’s new mozzarella sticks is mozzarella cheese.

One of the main ingredients in mozzarella sticks is, well, mozzarella. I mean, it’s right there in the name. Which explains why McDonald’s patrons who purchased the chain’s newest menu item have been extra disappointed to find their mozzarella cheese sticks sorely lacking in mozzarella cheese.

 Using the hashtag #Wheresthecheese, disappointed customers have been posting photos showing cheese sticks that look like hollow breaded encasings. The mozzarella cheese filling that comes to mind when you think of traditional mozzarella sticks is nowhere to be found. On its website, McDonald’s features pictures of mozzarella sticks filled with rich, gooey, “100 percent real and melty mozzarella cheese.” Contrast those with the sad, empty food sticks people report receiving in real life: …
Sometimes, you don’t realize that there is problem with a business or corporation for many months. The pollution, the deaths, the injuries, etc. don’t form a pattern and causation is often tricky. But when you come down to the simple and the mundane, you can see the business ethics problem before your eyes and in this case taste it.
Real cheese is expensive compared to milk by-products, etc. But we don’t have to worry about substitution in this case. According to the numerous pictures which can be found of which a single sample can be found here. there isn’t any cheese.
Should we let the market take care of this or should the government act? Well, it seems to me that McDonalds is likely to get clobbered on social media and there probably will be consequences in terms of their profits. On the other hand, the product is advertised as full of real cheese, and we have laws about false advertising.
Abraham LincolnThere is story that Abraham Lincoln used to tell about a settler who got in a fight with a bear. His wife didn’t want to be seen as taking sides because she didn’t know who was going to win, so she’d shout, “Go bear!, go husband!” I don’t have a dog in this fight, so “Go government!, go consumers!. Whoever gets them first is fine with me.
James Pilant

One thought on “Mozzarella without Mozzarella?

  1. After reading this article I feel a bit of some pent up bottled rage against a corporate criminal like McDonald’s Corporation. Never mind that behind the whole fast food restaurant idea that the bottom line of McDonald’s Corporation is profits, and profits alone. If a satisfied customer equates to profits then trust me they will somehow satisfy that particular customer… meaning the customer who unknowingly spends their hard earned cash on a product they assume will satisfy their demand. It really doesn’t matter whether the customer is satisfied with that particular product because the McDonald’s Corporation already has the customer’s cash in their coffers. Sadly that same customer, who then proclaims they will never buy that lousy product again, will later on buy another product that promises to fulfill their one-time demand. The cycle continues indefinitely, but it is a cycle that McDonald’s Corporation claims control of, so long as consumers allow them to maintain that control. The word “boycott” comes to mind, but that requires work and consumers are just such a lazy lot.


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