Broken Heart Syndrome

What does business ethics have to do with broken heart syndrome? Quite a lot. You see we live in a world where there are many who want to tell you that we are individual atoms, or self interest seeking enlightened or patrons of choice – or some other nonsense. The actual facts are very simple. We are a cooperative species and our love, our kindness and empathy are major factors in the quality of our lives. That self seeking greed is an empty life of callous destruction and that we can see this every day in the lives of our ruling class.

Here we have a study showing a likely relationship between a broken heart and cancer. Well, of course, there is. We are not make of stone except in Randian fantasies and “kick them in the teeth” diatribes about getting ahead.

I want you to understand that many of the best things in life are about family and nation and togetherness and cooperation and faith in each other. I know these values are often hard to hold on to in the face of the public evils indulged by our current leadership. Having faith in American and its people in spite of what has been happening may seem foolish. But it is a foolishness I intent to practice and I urge you to do the same.

James Pilant

Broken heart syndrome and cancer are connected, scientists say

One thought on “Broken Heart Syndrome

  1. We are a nation that acts out of emotion and, therefore, our spirit can be broken leading to health problems or even death after a catastrophic event, like cancer, occurs. To some extent the way this happens (or not) depends on our ethical character. People who are kind, generous and empathetic are more likely to be afflicted than those who are selfish. This is an important topic to discuss. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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