What You Say Can Define You as a Racist.

When I was a little boy about the time they were using high power on peaceful black marchers in the south, I remember watching on television people saying that all though they opposed black people voting and using the same schools and sidewalks as whites that they weren’t racist.
This has continued to the present day. Apparently virtually no act and nothing said can define one as a racist according to these people. 
Werner Horn, a legislator from New Hampshire, says that owning slaves doesn’t make you racist. 
Much like a Salvador Dali painting, we have arrived at a point at which all reality is simply melting like so many clocks. 
Horn says that it was an economic decision. No, it is a crime against man and God. It is a savage act that defines one for all time as a depraved monster and, yes, a racist. 
That slavery was legal means nothing morally and ethically. That many people did it is no more a justification than it is for anything else. That those that held slaves were once important members of the government and did great things does not excuse their behavior. Slavery is wrong and the very definition of racism. 
That in the beginning of the 21st Century, that I feel it necessary to reiterate the basic moral rules around racism is a pitiful statement concerning our public discourse. This is a difficult time in America but I believe there will be better times in the future where Americans will realize their purpose and better heritage. 
James Pilant

One thought on “What You Say Can Define You as a Racist.

  1. It is the economic inequality when racism is picked up as offensive. A rich man abusing a poor guy of his own community, would be ignored but Trump pinpointing the 4 women to go back where they come from is noted as racism. In fact these four women were raising the bogey of racism and surely dividing the people. Trump is straight and gives them back. When Trump makes the economy better, with low unemployment rate, he did not pick one race to benefit and another to suffer. Instead of supporting him during this time racism bogey is brought up. This is unnecessary.


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